Occasional Curve Balls

October 1, 2007

Life tends to throw them at us, curve balls that is.  We like to think there is a regular rhythm to our lives, and I agree with that to the point that having a regular job and a set schedule for that job tends to build that into our lives. Today, we’ve got a curve ball, a change in the agenda, a wrench thrown into the works.  Scott has a doctor’s appointment, so both of us have taken the day off from work.  There’s a chance that this is something serious and the doctor advised that a procedure could be performed in the office today. 

So we get in the car and make small talk about the neighbors noticing that we didn’t go to work, which is possible because Olga, across the street from us, doesn’t miss anything that happens in the neighborhood.  She’s never spoken to us in the year that we’ve lived here, but she has reported to other neighbors about us.  That’s ok.  Olga is in her 90’s and if it keeps her entertained to watch what’s going on, that’s fine with me. 

We arrive at the doctor’s office and Scott checks in and is asked to fill out some forms.  This is new to us in that we debate about putting my name down as “next of kin” and listing my name and phone number on the privacy form as someone entitled to information from the doctor and other healthcare professionals involved.  We don’t have the powers of attorney signed and notarized yet.  This visit, and the anxiety that it’s producing, is forcing us to deal with those issues.  We talk about this at lunch.  It will be completed soon. 

Scott is quickly taken to the examination room, and returns much sooner than I expect.  We walk to the car and discuss just what happened.  I was afraid that it was the worst, that the procedure was not performed, and that there would be more tests, as in looking for the big “C”.  Fortunately, it was exactly what we were expecting, and the doctor was very quick about performing the procedure, and Scott was now in mild discomfort.   Not only is he a pain in the ass, he has one as well.  Got the hint?  Here’s another:  Preparation H wouldn’t have touched these ones;  they’re way too deep.  So it is good news.  After a month or so, Scott is to schedule a colonoscopy to make sure there’s nothing else happening that shouldn’t be. 

So today was one of those curve ball days.  Our schedules were disrupted, our lives were momentarily stressed.  We shared a nice lunch, which seemed to be an unstated celebration of our relief that it’s not the “C” word.  We made a commitment to getting our paperwork together so we can properly care for each other, when the time comes. 

The pain in the ass is resting now. 


One comment

  1. Don’t waste time getting those papers signed. It is very important to take care of those things right away. You have someone who you want to be able to have all access to you and your information.

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