Let the Music Begin

January 7, 2008

Being a musician and teacher, you’d think I’d talk more about this kind of thing here on the terrestrial ball.  I try to talk about the various aspects of my life here, and not limit it to one or two particular topics. 

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at our small, local, theater.  I’ve done projects with our hometown theater for many years now.  Most of the time, I have the job of Music Director for our productions of Broadway musicals.   Our theater has even billed itself as Scottdale’s little Off-Broadway Theater because it really is just a few doors off of Broadway Avenue. 

I spent the afternoon there to listen to auditions for Into the Woods.  Tonight, I am returning for additional auditions.  We have some parts cast already and we’re looking to round out the company with strong singers and actors. 

Last year, I was the music director for High School Musical.  Our theater company was able to obtain the performance rights almost as soon as they became available.  After that production, which was trying, to say the least, we decided that we would retire from directing.  “We” includes Marlena, the Director, myself, and possibly Janet, the Stage Manager.  However, just like Cher’s Farewell Tour, we have returned for this production of a favorite musical.  We’ve already announced our retirement again, with this being our absolute last production.  We’ll see.

So in just a few minutes, I will leave here, and drive over to the theater and begin the process again.  I’ll listen, I watch, I’ll check vocal ranges.  The director, the stage manager, and I will discuss all the possibilities for casting, and soon we’ll hold a first rehearsal.  I promise, I’ll write more about this experience as we approach the performances in March. 

 Thoughtful insights for this blog entry?  Oh, yes, I’ve got one.  I’m amazed that the small town of Scottdale, with such a small population, is supportive of live community theater.  I’m grateful for the opportunities that this provides for our youth, as well as the adults here in our little borough.


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  1. […] musical:  Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods went rather well.  We performed the show March 13-16.  […]

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