75 Days to Go

May 24, 2008

The wedding is approaching quickly and by the time most of you see this post, we will be at the 75 day point in the countdown.  There seems to be so much to do, and yet so much has been done already.  So let’s just review what has been done in the past few weeks.

  • Wine kits were purchased to make the favors.  We have 12 gallons of wine fermenting to give to our guests.
  • Labels have been printed for the wine bottles.
  • Vows have been selected, including a ring ceremony, invocation, benediction and a few other features unique to our wedding.
  • We have agreed on the wording of the invitation.
  • The invitations have been printed.
  • A deposit has been mailed to the DJ.
  • Unique, personal stamps for the invitations have been purchased.
  • Plans for the cake have been discussed with the baker, silk flowers for between the layers have been selected.
  • The guest list is being finalized and addresses for those people have been acquired.
  • Scott and I have had a discussion about our “first dance”.  Do we need lessons?  Can we watch a youtube instructional video and do this ourselves?  I don’t want to get out there and waddle back and forth like so many couples.  We’re gay!  We’ve got to do this right and do it big!
  • Discussion with the musicians is ongoing.  I knew this part would be tough.  Being a musician, I have so many ideas of what I like and making a decision has been difficult.  My friends who are singing and playing are no help as they assure me that they will do whatever I ask them to do. 

It’s exciting, and nerve-wracking, and wonderful to plan a wedding.  It’s amazing to be so in love that we feel compelled to get married.  It’s also disheartening that the marriage won’t be legal.  In many ways, it doesn’t matter that the government won’t recognize this marriage.  When we say our vows, make our commitment to each other in front of friends and family, we will be married.  That marriage will be as strong, as valid as any other marriage;  it just won’t be legally recognized here in Pennsylvania. 

I suppose that I should warn all of the straight married couples now, Guard Your Marriage!  As of August 9th, 2008  Steve and Scott will be married; your straight marriage is in danger.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself arguing more with your spouse.  Your husband may call to say he’s “working late” at the office; your wife may be especially vague about her weekend visit to her sister’s house.  Check your cell phone bill carefully and note any unfamiliar numbers and the time of the calls.  These are all signs that your marriage is crumbling and it’s most likely caused by the gay couple in your town who decided to get married.





  1. Congratulations and I hope everything goes well for you both!!

  2. Thanks Will, I just heard from the photographer. Looks like I need to find $1600 to secure his services.

  3. Hooray! Nothing like a big old gay wedding to turn our keystone state on its head; I will forewarn all of my straight friends at work to watch out for their own unions, because everyone knows how we will be responsible for the crumbling of our society!!! V.

  4. I will be ‘guarding my marriage’? Honestly, Keltic, I believe you know my views on homosexuality, but why has ‘gay marriage’ become such a political device used by the Republicans? Fear. Ah, yes, fear. Personally, I could care less who you marry, as long as they are consenting. My marriage is safe (unless I screw it up).

  5. […] We all returned to the apartment, changed into dry clothes and then it was time to say good-bye.  Andy and Jenna needed to head back to Schenectady, Scott and I needed to begin our journey to PA.  It was tough to leave our friends behind.  Of course, we’ll all be together again in a few weeks at our wedding.  […]

  6. i’m so excited for you both! i’m getting to know what wedding planning is like, though Wes & i don’t intend to get hitched until September. Oy, i never thought i’d have to be involved in making decisions like this for myself (outfit, flowers, cake, venue, etc).

    Best wishes to you and Scott! And many blessings for your upcoming nuptials!

  7. SCREW the government!!! You two are a stronger, happier couple than many of my straight friends, and you’ve certainly managed to hold your relationship together longer than I have. Let society crumble–it won’t be the first time! Rock on, brothers!!!

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