My Gay Wedding

July 8, 2008


We are at the one month point on the countdown to the big gay wedding.  There’s so much to do, and emotions are running high.  Fortunately, that hasn’t resulted in any arguing, but let’s just say physical encounters of the intimate kind are, well, super-charged. 

Invitations were mailed out about three weeks ago and the rsvp’s are coming in.  I’m keeping track of them at an online wedding planning site.  It’s been fun seeing who is prompt and who isn’t, who is coming, who has declined and what their preference is for the meal. 

One of my singer’s may be backing out through no fault of her own.  Her husband accepted a job in Texas and is moving the family there about 3 weeks before our wedding date.  It’s hard to let her go, but it’s not easy trying to guilt her into staying her until after the wedding.  I hope she can fly back for the ceremony, but I don’t have the cash to finance that trip!

The wine bottles arrived today.  I ordered 108 5-ounce bottles for the favors.  We’ll sanitize them and fill them with the homemade wine that we’ve made just for the wedding.  With any luck there will be some left over and we can share a bottle on the honeymoon. 

I’ve been playing with the  Windows Movie Maker software and put several of our pictures into a sappy and romantic video.  I showed it to Scott this evening and we made a decision about the song we wanted to accompany the pictures.  We chose Barbra Streisand’s I Have Dreamed/We Kiss in a Shadow/Something Wonderful from her 1985 Broadway Album.  Once I put the music with the video and reviewed with Scott, he stated what I noticed while I was working on it:  We look so happy in all those pictures.  It didn’t take me long before the tears were flowing.  Yes, we are happy in those photos, and we’re happy now as we begin our life as a married couple. 


Yes, we’ve heard that gay is a misnomer and that gay couples aren’t happy.  That’s just not true.  30 days until we say “I do.”  Who could be happier?



  1. Happy you are, and happy shall you be. Most blessed indeed!

  2. So excited for you!

  3. God Bless the both of you! You are so lucky to have found each other and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. That Barbra Streisand song is so perfect for you. Hopefully, one day soon, I will fall in love again and get married too. My song at my wedding will be Ms. Streisand’s rendition of “isn’t it a pity”.

  4. I can’t wait….my two favorite guys all dolled up in tuxes and homemade wine? What could be better??
    I love that picture of you two too!!!
    Or is that Tutu?

    xoxox Genie

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