McDonald’s is All About “teh gays” So Don’t Eat There!

July 9, 2008

That’s right folks, the American Family Association is highly insulted that McDonalds would make a donation to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.  So miffed that they are asking all good christians, and anyone else they can strong-arm, into boycotting the fast food restaurant chain.  They’ve even mounted a website for this very purpose. 

McDonalds’ exact sin, according to the AFA’s inflammatory website, is that they donated an amount of money to the NGLCC which may have qualified them to be listed as a corporate partner.  Recently, an executive from McDonald’s corporation was elected to the NGLCC’s board of directors.  The amount of the donation, from some reports, appears to be $20,000, which considering the billions of dollars generated by McD’s, is chump change. 

McD’s has been clear about their support for diversity, and for their commitment to fighting discrimination.  The following is an excerpt of the letter sent to Donald Wildmon and the AFA, by Pat Harris, the Global Chief Diversity Officer for McDonalds.

“We treat our employees and our customers with respect and dignity, regardless of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or other factors.  We support our employees’ personal involvement in organizations of their choice.” 

“McDonald’s is associated with countless local and national affinity groups here in the United States.  We have a well-established and proud heritage of associating with individuals and organizations that share the belief that every person has the right to live and work in a community free of discrimination.”

It appears that Donald Wildmon and his christian friends don’t appreciate that McD’s would be nice to “teh gays.”   He doesn’t like the corporation throwing its coins to an organization that is committed to helping businesses owned by the members of the lgbt community.  Wildmon, by past boycotts, appears to want to tell businesses to whom they should market their products, and it is always the gay and lesbian community that Wildmon believes should be ignored. 

The McDonald’s Boycott website has a page for comments.  Jeremy of G-A-Y was trying to make some neutral statements, but evidently, the site is being moderated and only the anti-gay, anti-McD’s comments get published.  I decided to give it a shot.  I made a vaguely anti-McD’s comment, but tried to insert a cryptic message.  It got in.  Here’s the screen shot:



I know you can’t see that picture very well.  My message included sentences that started with letters in G,A,Y and made sort of an anagram.  I wasn’t too clever with my statements, which come across as anti-McD’s, but I did manage to sneak in the word “GAY” by separating the first letter from the rest of the word as I began each sentence. 

“G ood thing I saw this. I took my kids there often when they were younger. A ny thinking person would know to eat elsewhere. Y esterday I vowed not to return.”

So, Game On!  Can you slip in a cryptic message to the AFA’s comment section at Boycott McDonald’s?



  1. Okay, I tried. I don’t know if it’ll get through, though. I decided that Jerry (me) should forget to turn off his caps lock halfway through the post. He can’t spell worth a darn either. Here’s the text, just in case it doesn’t make the cut.


    I’m glad to sign your petition! My Grandchildren will NOT be eating Mcdonalds dilicius french fries anymore because of thier support of the HOMOSEXUAL (WRONG!!!) AGENDA! i JUST WISH THIER HAD BEEN A PETITION AND BOYCOT AROUND WHEN mCDONALDS STARTED LETTING cOLOREDS EAT RIGHT IN THE DINING ROOM WITH US normal people! eNOUGH IS enough! -jERRY IN oHIO

  2. How does Jerry expect his comment to be allowed on the boycott site with a racial slur? Doesn’t he know those Christians don’t support racism?

  3. Just found this hilarious comment. Is ‘urban’ still code for ‘black’? Also, it’s a really bad idea to use the phrase ‘cram down my throat’ when you’re talking about the gays.

    “McDonald’s first turned me off as a Father when they decided to turn their advertisements from the family to an “urban image”. Now they have really disenfranchised me with this. Your promotion of “Gay activism”, and the assistance of those who want to cram their idea of what is right down my throat is the best reason I can think of to no longer patronize your “facilities”. As if your food has not gotten bad enough..”

  4. offended by the “urban” image of McD’s??? obviously, the guy thinks that anyone who lives in an “urban” area can’t possibly be part of a family. And he’s only “turned off” as a “Father” hmmm, that’s interesting. Is he saying that otherwise, he’s turned on by something in the ads?

  5. […] take another look at the American Family Association’s boycott of McDonald’s.  I recently hit the tag surfer button here on my wordpress dashboard and ran across a young man […]

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