Less Than Three Weeks Before the Big Gay Wedding

July 24, 2008

With the wedding day approaching so quickly, what does the happy couple decide to do?  Start a remodelling project, of course! 

One of the bedrooms belonged to a little girl before we bought the house.  That room featured three walls of bunnies by the thousands. Evidently it started with just 2 bunnies on the wallpaper, and they simply did what bunnies do.  There’s a cathedral ceiling, and the tallest wall was painted pink. 

One of our guests, Daniel, will be staying with us and we wanted an appropriate guest room.  We figured we’d paint over the wallpaper, but when we cleared the room, I noticed some of the paper was already releasing from the wall.  Much of it came off easily.  We spent a few hours scoring what was left, spraying with a wallpaper remover, and scraping off the remainder.  It really wasn’t difficult.  I also discovered that a vinegar/water solution works nearly as well as the $6 bottle of spray paper remover. 

Yes, it’s true.  The gay guys have gotten rid of the pink wall and pink & blue bunnies in their home. 


For now, the pink wall is becoming a creamy white.  The rest of the walls will be lighter.  And Daniel will get to sleep in an adult room. 


One comment

  1. No bunnies?
    No pink?

    Stop the hate, I say!!! Stop it at once!!!! 😉

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