Wedding Day

August 9, 2008


This post has been written in advance so that I may simply log in here, post it for the public to see, and go about the business of getting married.  When I created this little slideshow, I noticed that both Scott and I are so very happy in all these pictures.  The first time I showed the finished product, complete with song selection, to Scott, he mentioned how happy we are.  Of course, by that point, I was in tears.  We are indeed very happy.  I am pleased to share our little video with you, so that you too can see just how happy we are. 

And so our day is here.  It’s been a long, sometimes frustrating week.  Overall, I have the sense that this is the right thing to do, and for the right reason:  LOVE.  I fought back the tears as we said our vows in rehearsal this evening.  In the end, it’s not about politics, not about a big gay wedding, not about flaunting tradition, nor is it about some secret gay agenda.  It’s about two people in love, making a commitment to honor each other, care for each other, and live out their love for a lifetime.  

We’ll be on our honeymoon for the next week.  I don’t expect to post anything here until August 18th at the earliest.


God Bless You All, for God has certainly blessed us.



  1. Let me be the first to say congrats. And you are right, it is not about some agenda but it is about two people in LOVE wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. I am so happy for you both. Enjoy the honeymoon and I look forward to the time when you get back.

  2. That was incredible. Much like yesterday was. I am so honored and humbled to have been a part of such a beautiful day. Everything was so moving and it was obvious to anyone who was there how much you two love each other. It was a battle not to cry during the ceremony, one which I eventually lost (thanks, Scott!). But they were happy tears for both of you. You deserved that wonderful day and many, many more to come. I’m glad it all came together for you. You did a fabulous job with all the arrangements and I have never seen either of you look handsomer.

    I love you guys TONS…thank you so much for letting me share your special day with you.

    xoxoxox Genie

  3. keltic: Let me say congrats to you as well on your wedding and hope nothing but the best of happyness and success to you both.

  4. […] Steve and Scott were wed yesterday, August 9, 2008, surrounded by family and friends as they celebrated their love and commitment before God. […]

  5. Having celebrated our 30th anniversary just last week, I wish for you the same longevity and happiness. Congratulations.

  6. Hello Steve: I feel so sad that I did not get to share your special day, but am so glad that you have both found one another, and are walking into the future with love, hope and longevity. Love to you both, Vanessa

  7. […] a gaze that none could distract.  In the weeks leading to the wedding, I could barely watch our video, or read through our vows without breaking into tears.  At the rehearsal, I could hardly say the […]

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