Gay-Bashed! (?)

December 3, 2008

I am so pissed off right now.  No.  Really, I am. 

We’ve been bashed. 

At least, I think we have. 

I returned home from a rehearsal just about 30 minutes ago, and as I rounded the corner, I noticed something in the street lying next to my husband’s car.  Was it a stack of advertising flyers?  Some newspapers?  I walked over to inspect the debris next to Scott’s car.   Magazines.  5 of them.  Gay porn.  Well, mostly gay porn.  One of them was a “Playgirl” magazine which some gay men might read, but technically that isn’t the demographic they are targeting. 

Of course, we’re clueless as to whom it might be that would have done this.  But one does start to wonder about why they have those magazines to begin with.  Did they buy them specifically to throw at our cars or house?  If they hate us that much, are we really worth the money they spent, particularly now that we’re in a recession, just to dump them on the street in front of our home?  And why was the cover missing from the Inches magazine?  Did our would-be gay basher decide that the guy on the cover was just too cute, or too hung to give up?  Is that cover tucked safely away under his mattress?  

Remember this entry, where I talk about some of the things that my own father has put in my head?  I didn’t mention this particularly gross joke:

You wanna make someone really mad?  Get a mouth full of dog poop and spit it at them!  Oh, that really gets them going.  Go ahead, do that.  Watch how angry they get.  

You wanna make a couple of gay guys really mad?  Drop off some gay porn at their door.   Oooh, they hate that.  Go ahead, that will really piss them off! 




I’m kinda hoping they bash us again tomorrow night.   Yeah.  Two nights in a row, that will really intimidate us.  Imagine how scared we’ll be looking at 10 magazines with page after page of naked men. 


It’s time to grow up, boys.  And bring us that magazine cover that you saved for yourself.   We can give you the real thing.  



If you’re man enough.



  1. That’s some expensive gay bashing. Maybe they went with one of those out of date issue dealies where you get five for twenty bucks.

    Not that I would know anything about that, of course.

  2. Maybe tomorrow, they will throw DVD’s at the car….. then you may have to call the police….

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  4. ppl are so friggin stupid i can’t stand it. it’s always the haters that are the gayest. dropping off gay porn? as the kids around baltimore say, “that’s *so gay*”

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  6. It amazes me how preachers judge people for the way they live. i was reading this let the shepherd lead blog bull crap and it amazes me how someone wants to be seen on here and so many of his memeber are hung up in thorn bushes. Not to mention his minister of music has slightly ruined the image of the good shephards church due to the rumors of the hand waver going with one of the choir memebers.

    Be gay, be you. I know this preacher he aint that skinny and the bible says even that is a sin. The whole message is , just love like christ did and people like pastorsro will disappear….he is just tryin to build a name for his self .

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