I am so many things in the course of a week.

  • Dad & StepDad
  • Music Teacher
  • Gay Activist
  • Church Music Director
  • Husband

I’m sure there are lot’s of other things that can be said of me as well, some good, some bad, depending on who you ask.  I spend a lot of time hanging out at the Soulforce Forums as a moderator.  I love writing on this blog, and I’m surprised at where it has taken me.  When I started I didn’t know if I could write on a regular basis, nor did I know what I would write about.  Lately, it seems I’ve gone very vocal with the gay activism.  I figure someone has to speak up, and I’m not going to wait around for someone else to do it for me. 

Standard info:

  • male
  • 44
  • Pennsylvania
  • 5’7″ 170#  lift weights and run, so I’m in pretty good shape
  • 1 tattoo
  • 3 piercings


Need to know anything else? email me and ask:  keltic63@gmail.com

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