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November 22, 2007

Here’s an update on the dining room remodel on which we procrastinated.  But first, since it is Thanksgiving Day, we need the requisite holiday greetings:



May you find that your blessings have been many

in the past year. 

You may recall in a recent blog entry, that we began the installation of the drywall.  We’ve also been patching the joints and sanding.  This week, we were able to put the new ceiling up.


The ceiling is a glossy white beadboard panelling that is similar to the green beadboard that was originally on it.  The color was horribly ugly, and the condition of the wood after being covered with two other ceiling treatments left it unsalvageable.  This panelling lets us keep the spirit of the house intact.  We’ve also noticed that the room is much brighter.  Installation of the ceiling was tricky.  The panelling is flexible.  It took a few of us to hold it in place, although smearing the rafters with liquid nails adhesive helped.  I got to handle the air powered nailer.  I think I could become addicted to that.  Way too much fun to use, and thoughts of torturing a few PITA’s with it went running through my mind.

We need to finish the sanding and then prime the walls.  We will install beadboard, similar to the ceiling, on the bottom of the walls as a wainscoting.  There will be a chair rail trim, a baseboard, and crown-molding, but those are details that can wait.  The laminate flooring I bought back in May is still sitting in the basement.  I’m saving that for last so that we don’t mess it up while we install the panelling and do the painting. 

Now that this entry is done, it’s time to become Pilgrims ourselves today.  We will pick up my kids and take them to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Later, we’ll pick up Scott’s kids and head to his parents’ house for the evening where we will eat, drink, and be grateful for all we have.