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Feeling a Bit Creative

February 12, 2008

You may recall that I have a tendency to procrastinate.  I figure if something gets done at the last minute, it still gets done, right?  Valentine’s Day will be no exception.  I was, however, given an unexpected gift today:  time.  We had a snow storm, school was cancelled and I got to work on a few creative projects that had been sitting on the dining room table for a few days.

 First up was a collage for the front door.  The base is a cardboard heart.  I added a few accordion-pleated pages from a book, topped it with some smaller hearts and other paper ephemera.  I played with the arrangement and swapped various papers until I was happy with the arrangement.  Now it is hanging on the door to our home.  It will be there for just a few days, but it’s done, and can be used for years to come.

Front door heart


I also had decided that I would make a Valentine’s Day card for Scott.  Since I had most of my art supplies sitting on the table, I figured I’d just go ahead with that idea.  I wanted to create something masculine, yet romantic.  I looked through my stacks of images and papers and found a vintage photograph of a man holding a bouquet of flowers, presumably for his sweetheart, and another image of a Greek statue of Atlas, supporting the world on his back.  I mounted the vintage photograph with the old-fashioned lick’em and stick’em mounts.  I created a transparency of the Atlas figure and mounted it on a tag to be tucked into the floral heart in the foreground.  I added some rubber stamp images and a few other embellishments.  The card turned out must the way I wanted it to: strong, masculine, romantic.  It’s perfect for what I want to say to my soon-to-be husband.



the tag

So the card is done.  The gifts are purchased, although they are not wrapped yet.  It’s only Tuesday.  I’ve got plenty of time, don’t I?


Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers!





Five Hundred Words

November 8, 2007

That’s the limit for this post.  That first sentence sucked up six of them.  Damn!  There went another eight! 

Procrastination.  I’m so good at it.  Back in July I started the remodel on our dining room.  Here’s what it looked like as the demolition progressed:

flocked wallpaper

paper and plaster

It wasn’t long before I had removed all of the old panelling, drywall, the decades old beadboard, the original plaster, the lath, and the wooden ceiling, which could not be saved despite my great desire to preserve it.  I removed the cheap vinyl floor tiles too.  I did some rewiring, added a few more outlets and installed the dimmer switch for the new chandelier.  My partner installed the insulation on the outside wall.  There was no insulation originally.  By the end of July, or early August, the room was a blank slate.  We turned out the lights and walked away. 

Last week, we decided it was time to  get back to work on this space.  We purchased drywall, panelling, a chair rail moulding, and drywall screws.  We cleaned up the room and got to work last night.  We got off to a slow start, placing only two sheets of drywall before calling it quits.  Tonight was much better, and soon the room will be ready for the taping and mudding.  I’m thinking I’ll be able to paint on my day off next week. 

This is rewarding.  Just seeing the new walls go into place is brightening the room.  Why did we put this off for so long?  California Polytechnic State University  offers some reasons for procrastination, as well as some tips to help their students overcome this habit.  I think I’ve found two reasons for delaying the remodelling of our dining room since I gutted it last summer:  fear and perfectionism.  There is the fear that I don’t know what I’m doing, fear that I will screw it up and everyone who visits us will see that I didn’t have the skills to do a decent job on this remodel.  Perfectionism is the other reason because I do like things to be done perfectly.  That’s why the room was gutted; I didn’t want to leave any evidence of the “improvements” made by previous owners.  I even considered removing the sub-flooring.  I needed to feel that I had stripped the room to its bare bones and created our new room from scratch.  Fear and Perfectionism held me paralyzed in their grip until my partner suddenly announced that we were going to purchase the necessary materials to complete the room.  Scott’s little push has done wonders for my morale as well as the condition of the dining room.  Soon we will be enjoying dinners in the renovated space.  I can’t wait to invite friends over for dinner.  If I work really hard, we’ll be able to use the room for our Thanksgiving celebration.  By Christmas, I should have the details of the room completed.

And this sentence brings the total word count to exactly four-hundred-ninety-nine, and not one more.